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Base Station V2
Our new second-generation base station.
645.0 USD
Tank Level Monitor Bundle
Measure the fill height of your tanks.
195.0 USD
Vacuum Monitor Bundle
Perfect for monitoring maple line vacuum levels.
155.0 USD
Flowmeter Monitor Bundle
Track sap collected and water used for irrigation.
190.0 USD
Silo Ultrasonic Level Sensor
Spare silo level sensor for measuring silo fill level.
330.0 USD
Soil Sensor
Replacement soil sensor for monitoring soil conditions.
60.0 USD
Tank Level Sensor
Extra tank level sensor for measuring tank fill level.
110.0 USD
Vacuum Sensor
Replacement sensor for tracking maple line pressure.
65.0 USD
Pressure Sensor
Extra sensor to monitor for irrigation leaks, filter clogs, and more.
65.0 USD
Pressure Monitor Bundle
Catch irrigation leaks, track for filter back flushing, and more.
155.0 USD
Spare flowmeters, just in case.
115.0 USD
Soil Sensor Monitor Bundle
Quickly see soil conditions for improved irrigation and planning.
215.0 USD
Silo Level Monitor Bundle
Measure the fill level of your silo without climbing a ladder.
405.0 USD