Tank Level Monitor Bundle


Measure the fill height of your tanks.

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Monitor Bundle

Product Description

Remotely track sap, dairy or water tank levels in real-time for improved planning and to prevent tank overflows (0-100% tank level). Includes the tank level sensor, mounting attachment, and monitor communication box.

*Includes dedicated support, access to full history of data (even after several years), remote access to farm dashboard from any smartphone or computer, and regular software updates.

Requires a Farmblox Base Station. Base station sold separately.

What's Included
  • Monitor box with battery, solar panel, and antenna built in.
  • External tank level sensor with 6' cable
  • Access to the Farmblox mobile app and dashboard from any phone or computer for installing devices and monitoring farm conditions.
  • Full access to entire history of data, always. 
  • Technical support for any issues you may have deploying or configuring devices.
Product Features
  • Readings every 2.5 minutes-- take an immediate reading by pushing the monitor button 3x, rapidly.
  • Five-year+ battery life-- no more long trips to replace dead batteries or turn monitors off after the season.
  • 6' external sensor cable-- allows for optimal placement of the sensor and monitor box. Easily replace either component for rapid repair.
  • No external antenna-- no floppy antenna that can easily break, allowing it to sit in small spaces and survive the harshest of outdoor environments.
  • Max tank level height-- 16.4ft/500cm
  • Range deadzone-- 12in/25cm from sensor. Make sure to install sensor above deadzone from the max fill level.
  • Cable length-- 6' from sensor to monitor
  • Accuracy-- 0.7"
  • IP67 waterproof
  • Operating temperature-- -15C/-5F to 60C/140F
  • Works for non-vacuum pressurized tanks only
  • Dead zone-- this versatile ultrasonic tank level sensor has a dead zone of 12 inches (25cm), so should be mounted at least 12 inches from the maximum fill level for accurate readings when full.