Vacuum Monitor Bundle

Perfect for monitoring maple line vacuum levels.

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Monitor Bundle

Product Description

Automatically detect leaks in sap lines across hundreds to thousands of acres for rapid repair to maintain high vacuum. Save time by setting automatic text alerts for low vacuum levels using the Farmblox web dashboard or mobile app. The monitor also tracks ambient temperature (F or C). In maple, every 1 inch of mercury gain is equal to 5% more maple sap harvest. So it goes without saying that just a 2" Hg increase (10% greater yield) is big deal!

This highly durable, stainless steel vacuum sensor has a 1/4" NPT fitting for easily replacing manual vacuum gauges or screwing into saddle fittings. The vacuum sensor 1.5" cable allows you reduce 5/6" tubing.

*Includes dedicated support, access to full history of data (even after several years), remote access to farm dashboard from any smartphone or computer, and regular software updates.

Requires a Farmblox Base Station. Base station sold separately.

What's Included
  • Monitor box with battery, solar panel, and antenna built in.
  • External vacuum sensor with 1.5' cable
  • Access to the Farmblox mobile app and dashboard from any phone or computer for installing devices and monitoring farm conditions.
  • Full access to entire history of data, always. 
  • Technical support for any issues you may have deploying or configuring devices.
Product Features
  • Readings every 2.5 minutes: take an immediate reading by pushing the monitor button 3x, rapidly.
  • Five-year+ battery life: no more long trips to replace dead batteries or turn monitors off after the season.
  • 1.5' external sensor cable: allows for optimal placement of the sensor and monitor box. Easily replace either component for rapid repair.
  • No external antenna: no floppy antenna that can easily break, allowing it to sit in small spaces and survive the harshest of outdoor environments.
  • Range: 29.5" vacuum to 59" Hg positive pressure
  • Sensor type: 1/4" NPT stainless vacuum sensor
  • Sensor material: 304 stainless steel
  • Cable length: 1.5' cable from sensor to wireless monitor box
  • Precision: 0.01" Hg
  • IP67 waterproof
  • Operating temperature: -45°C/-49°F – 85°C/185°F