Base Station V2

Our new second-generation base station.

  • Power
  • Connectivity

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Base Station

Product Description

Smaller, lighter and even more flexible, the new Base Station V2 supports solar power, cellular or wired connectivity, and future upgrade capability for pump control. Mix and match based on your operation's needs. Operations using the Base Station V1 can also use a Base Station V2 side-by-side without issue.

Farmblox Monitors connects to the app wirelessly via the Farmblox Base Station, up to several miles. Install any number of monitors per base station, and any number of base stations for full wireless coverage. From one to thousands of acres, the Farmblox system is specifically designed to scale with the farm. 

Simple and reliable, the Farmblox Base Station does not use mesh, reducing cost, improving battery life of the wireless monitors, and removing networking issues as more devices are added. Connect any number of monitors to any Farmblox Base Station to monitor your entire farm. Monitors sold separately.

Power Options:

Wired PoE

30' cord included, 120v outlet required for power


Includes compact solar panel and battery pack for installing anywhere, even on remote ridgelines or operations without power. Requires 4+ hours of direct sun exposure on a regular day.

Connectivity Options:


The most flexible connectivity option and quickest to setup, just plug into the solar panel battery or a 120V outlet for power and activate in the ​Farmblox app for setup. Supports all major cellular carriers in the US & CA. Cellular data rate of $150/yr, SIM card and cellular service upkeep provided by Farmblox.

​Wired Ethernet
The ethernet cable provides power and internet to base station, reducing cables. Upgradeable to cellular at any time with​ no extra hardware needed.

What's Included
  • Base station V2, cellular SIM card & service, antenna and mounting hardware.
  • Solar power option: also includes a solar panel & battery kit with required cords and mounting hardware kit.
  • Wired power option: 48V 0.5A 100-240V power supply and 30' cable
  • Access to the Farmblox mobile app and dashboard for installing devices and monitoring farm conditions.
  • Technical support for any issues you may have when deploying or configuring devices.
  • All models include a cellular SIM card which supports all major carriers in the US & CA. For Ethernet models, cellular may be activated anytime with no additional hardware.
Product Features
  • Long range-- up to 3mi/5km coverage depending on terrain, allowing for monitors to be placed anywhere within the coverage area. To cover more area, simply add another base station. Monitors will connect to whichever base station(s) provides the strongest signal. The higher up the base station can be mounted, the better the coverage.
  • Cellular-- No internet? Not a problem. Ridgelines? That's fine, too. All base stations are cellular enabled, with near-complete coverage in the US and most of Canada. Cellular base stations come pre-activated, while wired ethernet base stations can be activated as cellular anytime.
  • Solar-- install on ridgelines for even better coverage, or in remote areas without power.
  • Ask for simulated coverage at your farm-- remove the guesswork on where monitors can be placed.
Installation Requirements
  • Wired power option: 120V Power
  • Solar power option: 4+ hours of direct sun exposure on a regular day.
  • Both options: a secure outdoor mounting location at least 15' above the ground, with line of sight coverage to where monitors will be installed. Trees and buildings are generally okay, hills and boulders may block signal.
  • All base stations include cellular capability, which can be activated any time
  • IP67 weatherproof enclosure
  • Operating temperature: -35C/-31F to 80C/176F
  • Weight: 3.5lbs
  • Power: 5V 3A, 120V power supply included
  • Antenna length: 16"