Silo Ultrasonic Level Sensor

Spare silo level sensor for measuring silo fill level.

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Product Description

A replacement silo level sensor that uses ultrasonic to remotely track the level of maple sap in your sap silo in real-time for improved planning (0-100% tank filled).

Requires a Farmblox Monitor. Monitor sold separately.

Product Features
  • Max Silo Height: 32.8"/1,000cm
  • Sensor Deadzone: 12in/25cm from sensor to full level
  • Accuracy: 1.5"
  • IP67 waterproof
  • Operating temperature: -15C/-5F to 60C/140F
  • Communication: Farmblox PnP protocol. Plugs into Farmblox wireless monitor box.
  • Sensor refresh rate: New readings are taken every 2.5 minutes. To take an immediate reading push the monitor button 3x, rapidly.
  • Works for non-vacuum pressurized silos only
  • Dead zone--this powerful ultrasonic silo level sensor has a dead zone of 1 foot (25cm), so should be mounted at least 1 foot from the maximum fill level for accurate readings when full.